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Sharon T Coventry

I've had an ongoing shoulder injury for over 15 years and the pain affected my sleep, training and flexibility. After trying steroid injections, physiotherapy and sessions with a chiropractor I had given up ever living a pain free life again. Then I went to see Lloyd at Revival and Survival.  He instantly picked up on the state of my shoulder, neck and back and suggested deep tissue massage with trigger-point therapy and I started having two treatments per week.  Although trigger point massage can be painful to start with I felt relief after the third session.  My headaches started to decrease, my shoulder flexibility started to improve and I felt stronger in training. As the sessions continued I became pain free, stronger and I'm sleeping well, a situation I had thought was impossible. Lloyd is a healer and has given me so much hope.

Celia R Coventry

Many years ago I retired as a remedial/sports massage therapist due to severe Fibromyalgia. I knew first-hand the benefit of deep tissue/trigger point massage for Fibromyalgia clients and I tried many different massage therapists over the years looking for effective relief from my pain and stiffness but they all seemed to just go through the motions leaving me disappointed and feeling they never really concentrated enough on my problem areas. I had all but given up searching. 

Then I developed a particular problem with myofascial pain in my shoulder and neck that caused me to lose mobility in my shoulder and arm. I couldn’t turn my head much at all. I made another search for a therapist and fortunately for me I found Lloyd! He is able to locate the exact points of my pain and has worked sympathetically with me using deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy.
Lloyd is a true professional; caring, respectful and very knowledgeable and I would not hesitate to recommend him to everyone.

Paul J Coventry

Intermittent lower back pain led me to seek a physiotherapist for treatment. Lloyd was recommended by a friend who had been successfully treated by him. I have found it easy to book appointments with him in which he administers Deep Tissue Massages with successful results. Regular visits were initially required, however these have diminished over time following successful treatments. I would not hesitate to recommend Lloyd to friends and colleagues.

Neville B Coventry

I have been seeing Lloyd for just over 10 years now, before seeing Lloyd I tried a lot of other therapies with no results that helped (this included the NHS), I first walked into see Lloyd bent in double with a lot of muscle tension and pain, slowly over time I have improved so much, I can only guess where I would be if I had not seen him when I did. I cannot recommend Lloyd too highly, if my daughter has muscle/back problems I take her in to see him, his treatment always helps her and any one I send to him always come back to me saying how good he is at finding the problem and helping.

Patrick R Coventry

Having worked for over twenty years as an IT consultant, one of the hazards of my career is poor posture.  Working in front of a computer all day really doesn’t do your back and shoulders any favours, and because of this I sought help from Revival and Survival.


Lloyd approaches everything in life with a view to offering as close to a perfect service as is possible.  He was exactly the same as a tai kwon do instructor, and as a masseur his approach is no different.


Within a few treatments Lloyd had managed to get rid of the kinks and knots that I suffered from around my shoulders and upper back.  This made it far easier to carry on working in my chosen career, as due to the back and shoulder pain I was quite close looking for a new career.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Revival and Survival to my friends, family and co-workers.

Nav S Coventry

I have suffered from muscular tightness in my shoulders and back for years due to playing sports and tried Physiotherapy and other expensive treatments.
The symptoms would temporarily elapse, but within a couple of weeks the symptoms would return. It was as though the treatment didn't target deep tissue.
That was until I tried Revival survival as a last resort, I was delighted the treatment targeted deep tissue and cured my aches and pains.
I have no issue of recommending Revival and Survival to anyone looking for a friendly professional treatment which can be tailored to your individual needs.

KT Coventry

I last visited Revival and Survival for a full body sports massage in
April and Lloyd was absolutely fantastic as he always is.

I have used this place for many different types of massages through
the years even including "Hopi ear candle treatment", my father also
uses Lloyd for his massages too.

I can not praise him enough for the quality of massages he provides
and his eagerness to help where required.

I have used many therapists in Warwickshire before and now only use
Revival and Survival as it is a quality service in a comfortable
environment which you don't always get elsewhere.

Lloyd has helped me resolve long standing ankle, shoulder and hip
muscle tightness concerns originating from weight lifting and general
wear and tear.

He is different to other therapists as the treatment is not rushed or
bits missed off just to get you out of there!!

I would recommend this place for the treatments given as you will not
be disappointed what so ever.

John B Coventry

I first contacted Revival and Survival when I was doing work-ups for the London to Brighton Challenge, a 60 mile non-stop walk jog or run challenge. At the age of 65, you would be forgiven for calling me an idiot for doing it. What do you say to someone who did it twice?

I was given good advice on exercises for warm-ups and stretching which helped to survive the trek. It took a couple of sessions to restore full mobility in my legs afterwards. Just to get up the stairs was a painful struggle but after the first session, I was back to walking normally.  I never would have done the challenge a second time without this expert assistance.

Lloyd also has done extensive work on my back. He is very good at getting the root of the problems sorted, often with a single treatment. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Debs M Coventry

I've been to Lloyd on a number of occasions following an old netball injury to my shoulder. His technique of working on pressure points for me was a revelation !! Lloyd was fantastic! The knots faded away on my neck, shoulders and back! I prefer a firm massage so I was prepared to feel stiffness the next day but the benefit kicks in then. Lloyd is a genuine, friendly, professional therapist. He is also devoted to rid you of the problem you came with. Every session I had, took a lot longer than the allotted time to release the knots but he kept going until he'd completed the job regardless of time and didn't charge me for the extra time! He wanted to be thorough... I have and I would recommend him to anyone.. Fantastic therapist and great value for money .

Anthony L Coventry

I first visited Lloyd Wiggan & Revival & Survival after a problem arisen from a martial arts injury.
Lloyd was very informative & immediately put me at ease with his knowledge about the injury & how he could help.
I had a massage treatment & from my first visit I had felt a massive improvement.
After a further few sessions, my problem had gone.
I have returned many times since & would highly recommend Lloyd & revival &  survival.
Very professional, courteous & always happy to help.
Thanks for helping me get back to my training Lloyd.

Marisa E Coventry

Lloyd is just the only masseur I would use now.  I suffer from lower back pain and whenever I go for a massage my pain eases off and my muscles are left so much more relaxed. No light touch here! Clean, comfortable surroundings and never rushed or timed down to the last minute- Lloyd is finished when he has finished a proper job. Once you have tried Lloyd you will never go anywhere else

Heather Coventry
I have visited Lloyd for both relaxation and treatment massages. I have found he always tries to understand any issues I have so he can fully and effectively treat me. Lloyd is welcoming, friendly and works hard to achieve total customer satisfaction.
Alex R Coventry

I have been seeing Lloyd for many months now after suffering 2 slipped discs in my back. I have to say it`s really worked for me and I find I am much more flexible, out of pain for the majority of time, and I also feel very relaxed and more able to cope with stress. Thanks Lloyd! 

Graham P Coventry

I have been using Lloyd for many years - in fact I was his very first customer. He is unfailingly polite and helpful and his use of trigger points has really helped reduce muscle tension for me. He represents remarkably good value for money and I would recommend his services to anyone.

Rosie W Warwick

I was recommended to you by another client of yours,  that thought you could help me,  I was suffering stress from personal problems. At the start I thought no one could help me,  but I was wrong,  very soon I could relax both my body and mind with the skill of his profession without medication.
I cannot thank Lloyd enough

Millie J Coventry

I have been suffering from chronic back and neck pain for 20 years and that has led to other health conditions.  Regular deep tissue massage from Lloyd over the last few years has been an essential tool to manage the pain and to keep me active. 

Marc B Coventry

I go to revival and survival to help with knots I have in my muscles from sport and daily activities.  A few times I have gone to see Lloyd and had a lot of stress in my shoulders and neck, after leaving I felt so much better.

I visit regularly and recommend the service highly, Lloyd is a friendly guy.

Abi N Coventry

Visited for knots during triathlon training : Lloyd took the time and care to understand what issues I had before providing effective treatment to get my muscles loosened.  On each occasion, I floated out the door!  He builds a rapport and makes you feel relaxed and welcome, highly recommended.